Our Communities

Our Communities

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We commit to supporting and enhancing the communities we serve through local and philanthropic initiatives that enrich the lives of those living where TDS operates and where our people live, work and play. Our communities are at the center of TDS’ businesses. It is our responsibility to give back to the people and places that contribute to the sustainability and long-term success of the TDS family of companies.

TDS, UScellular, and TDS Telecom all offer 16 hours of additional paid time off annually for associates to volunteer in their communities.

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UScellular Community Involvement

Education and STEM partnerships

For more than a decade, UScellular has partnered with organizations like Boys & Girls Club of America and Girls Who Code have provided students with resources, access, mentorship, and hands-on STEM education to ensure they have the important tools to reach their full potential.

In 2022 alone, UScellular invested $1.3million in nonprofits with more than 90% supporting STEM, reaching over 200,000 youth with STEM resources to shape future opportunities.

UScellular also donated $40,000 to charities nominated by associates through the company’s “Connect Your Cause” initiative.

Doubling associates’ generosity


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 Volunteer of the Quarter

Every quarter, TDS Telecom recognizes an associate who has gone above and beyond in serving their community. Click the photo below to check out the most recent featured volunteers!

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Week of Giving

In 2022, TDS hosted their inaugural Week of Giving, during which they donated nationwide to local food pantries, community organizations, and collected toys and essential items for charity.

Click here to watch “TDS Telecom Week of Giving 2022”

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