Our Communities

Our Communities

We commit to support and enhance the communities we serve through hyper-local and philanthropic initiatives that enrich the lives of those living where TDS operates and where our people live, work and play.

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Associate Volunteering

We're in the business of connecting calls—and people. The passion our associates have is on full display every day. You can feel their energy as we volunteer at local schools and nonprofits in our communities. We’re proud to support the passions of our associates as we help our communities when they need it most. We invest in the communities where we do business, and we show how much we care by donating countless hours of our time, talent and energy to local organizations and causes that we are passionate about. This year, we have adapted to volunteering virtually to enable our associates to continue to volunteer their time to meaningful causes.

In 2020, our associates participated in over 2,200 volunteer experiences.


Education and STEM Partnerships

We support local K-12 and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational programming through our relationships with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and JASON Learning. We support more than 50 local Boys & Girls Clubs where our time, talent, and financial resources help to create meaningful impact for the organization’s Academic Pillar. Our work with JASON Learning focuses on developing unique curriculum to encourage students to consider careers related to STEM and provide teachers with the resources to promote opportunities in this field. Our deep philanthropic strategy with these nonprofits is to engage our associates in volunteer activities and help develop a talent pipeline for future STEM leaders.

In 2020:

  • We supported close to 500,000 teachers & students in our markets
  • We donated $300,000 in support of hands-on STEM learning experiences
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In 2020:

  • We supported 53 clubs
  • We donated $1,100,000
  • We impacted 300,000+ youth
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The Future of Good

The Future of Good

Since, 2015 The Future of Good has invested in young heroes who are helping create a brighter future for all of us and supports their efforts for good. These young heroes are all around us - right here where we live and work. Through the Future of Good, UScellular champions many causes, including the fight against hunger and homelessness, the protection of the environment and expansion of education and literacy. This year, UScellular has awarded three young heroes with a $10,000 contribution to support their respective cause.


Chief Learning Officer, a digital platform for learning and development, announced the winners of their 2020 Learning in Practice Awards, and UScellular was honored to receive its first-ever Gold Excellence in Community Service Award for our STEM partnership with JASON Learning.

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Lending a Hand from Coast to Coast

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Click the map to learn more about TDS Telecom’s community involvement in 31 states across their operating footprint.

From our Volunteer Champion

"Volunteering is near and dear to my heart! I started volunteering at the age of 16 as a part of a faith-based milestone. I found I got so much more in return, more than I could have ever imagined, so I just kept finding new ways to get involved."

"Here at TDS, I have the opportunity to champion employee volunteerism! I proudly serve as the sponsor of Community Outreach. This employee-led group has been around for decades, planning year-round volunteer events and initiatives. They plan everything from the collections of toys, winter clothing, and school supplies to blood drives, Meals on Wheels delivery drivers and so much more."

"Over the years, I've volunteered with a variety of clubs and organizations, including the Waunakee (Wis.) Community Foundation, food pantry and scholarship committee (and of course my kids sports teams and school activities as they grew up). Today, you can find me volunteering for the Waunakee Police Committee and Police Commission. I’m also a member of the Waunakee Rotary, on the Board of Directors of the American Heart Association – Madison Chapter, and a Garding Against Cancer Volunteer. Volunteering just warms my heart. It's why I encourage my team, colleagues, peers and family members to find an organization or activity they are passionate about, and then to get involved —in a way that works best for them."

- Kathy Cefalu - Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Kathy Cefalu

Kathy is just one of the many executives who value giving back. Other executive team members can be found volunteering with Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin, tutoring and mentoring disadvantaged youth, helping the Madison West Rotary, and coordinating the Road Home’s Interfaith Hospitality Network. Some also serve on the board of directors at various local, state and national organizations including UW Hospital, UW Board of Regents, Edgewood College Business Advisory Board, University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium, and Heart to Heart Experiences.

COVID-19 Giving

In early April 2020, TDS Telecom President and CEO Jim Butman emphasized the many challenges food banks were experiencing due to the pandemic food insecurity. Knowing there was a great need to help keep pantry shelves stocked, TDS donated $65,000 to several food banks in service territories in an effort to give back and help keep America fed.

In 2020, TDS Telecom and other community sponsors also raised more than $100,000 in donations to support Madison nonprofit, Safe Harbor Advocacy Center after their fundraisers were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Redirect the Check Campaign

Associates at TDS Telecom in Bend, Oregon started a campaign called "Redirect the Check" A GoFundMe page was set up, and they urged anyone who was willing to donate some or all of their federal stimulus check to local nonprofits to visit the site. After only a week of setting up the GoFundMe page, the campaign raised over $50,000 to help those struggling most in Central Oregon with TDS matching the first $10,000 in donations. Over 100 people generously donated all or part of their check.

Check Campaign