Our Culture

Our Culture

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Beyond the foundation of providing competitive benefits offerings, a fair and equitable wage, and a safe place to work, we are creating an environment where associates feel engaged, included, and a sense of belonging. We are committed to continuous training and learning—hallmarks of the TDS Family of Businesses since its founding.

TDS is honored to be named to both Forbes List of Best Employers for Diversity as well as Forbes Best Employers for Women.

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Every year, the TDS Outstanding Performance (TOP) awards honors the “best-of-the best” from across the TDS Enterprise. Individuals and small teams are recognized for projects and business solutions that have a great impact carrying out their organization’s mission and demonstrating achievement of excellence and better-than-expected results for the project.

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We follow the TDS Way

We encourage innovation with the TDS Concept team

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At TDS, a working group is generating real business solutions and developing a number of emerging leaders along the way.

The Concept Team is a cross-organizational team tasked with identifying as many solutions as possible to a business problem within a four-to-six-week timeframe. There are no constraints placed on the team in terms of types of problems they work on, the approach they take to attack those problems, or the solutions they deliver.

In under two years, the team has worked on more than eleven significant business initiatives yielding a number of creative solutions to TDS specific issues.

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A Culture of Energy, Diversity and Continuous Improvement

UScellular has cultivated a setting where support, inclusivity, empowerment, and respect converge to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and a philosophy that emphasizes the need to continually advance, improve, and succeed.

The Dynamic Organization

Every associate at UScellular can make a meaningful contribution – and every voice is heard and respected. We call it the Dynamic Organization.

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Training and Development

UScellular makes an exceptional commitment to training and development. Associates receive learning and performance tools, foundational programs, onboarding courses, and other resources. Associates use the Learning Management System (LMS), which includes online courses for professional and personal development.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a core value of UScellular’s Dynamic Organization. Diversity inspires creativity that fully engages the different backgrounds and talents of our associates. We know that inclusively led diverse teams create industry-leading innovation that gives UScellular a competitive advantage in the workplace and marketplace.

Our mission is to passionately bring different people and perspectives together to collaborate, innovate, and grow the business. We know that winning requires the efforts of our entire team, and that we must collaboratively foster a culture of inclusion where our differences are respected, valued, and used to create innovative, high-performing teams. To support our diverse workforce, we have eight associate resource groups.

UScellular holds annual Inclusion Summit

The 2022 Inclusion Summit was a virtual three-day event featuring UScellular leaders, associates, and guest speakers from across the country who shared what Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion looks like in 2022. This year’s theme, Crossing Bridges, featured sessions on habits of inclusion, body diversity, diversity in STEM, overcoming othering, the importance of self-awareness, immigrant and refugee experiences, and more. 

Associate Resource Groups

Our all-inclusive Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are volunteer, company-supported and associate-driven groups, drawn together by common characteristics, purpose, and commitment to being a resource for our associates and the organization.

Supplier Diversity

UScellular is committed to building a strong Supplier Diversity Program by proactively developing relationships with minority, women, veteran, service-disabled veteran, disabled, members of the LGBTQ+ community, disadvantaged, and local businesses within our supply chain. The foundation of our program consists of internal and external deliverables to help ensure program success for all UScellular stakeholders.


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At TDS Telecom, our associates make the communities we serve, the services we provide, and our company better.

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Training and Development

In 2021, 335 associates completed 11 hours of instructor-led training, and 900 associates completed 5 hours of e-learning training.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

TDS Telecom’s commitment to DE&I is a shared value of "Investing in People.” We embrace and endorse the concept of a diverse and inclusionary workforce and strive to have the company reflect the communities it serves. TDS Telecom seeks to broaden its associate base and engage an innovative workforce across areas of Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Generation, Sexual Orientation, and Personal Abilities. It is TDS Telecom’s belief this will foster creative viewpoints, problem solving, and team synergy to increase the productivity and sustainability of our business.

In 2020, TDS Telecom launched their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Active Vision Team made up of company leaders who meet bi-monthly to create strategic vision and action plans for advancement of Diversity & Inclusion goals.

Associate Resource Groups (ARGs)

Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are made up of associates who share similar ideas, backgrounds, ideals, gender, ethnicity, cultures or common interests, Associate Resource Groups are all about building small, connected communities within the workforce.

Learn more about each group.