Our Customers

Our Customers

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Our top priority is serving our customers with high quality products and services that are reliable, fairly priced, and help keep them connected to what matters most. Customer loyalty and high levels of satisfaction have been a key to our success for over 50 years. From the start, we have felt a responsibility to provide rural and underserved customers with high-quality communications services.

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UScellular continues to invest in technology and make enhancements to its wireless network to create a faster, better data experience. The company is also making sure consumers in more rural areas aren't left out from getting access to the latest tech and fast data speeds by building its 5G network like it has in the past, starting in areas where other carriers are not.

Built for US

UScellular’s foundation is understanding our communities and staying focused on connecting customers to what matters most. Our mission gives us the responsibility to make a bigger impact on the communities we serve. Since the beginning, we’ve been putting our customers’ needs at the center of everything we do. It’s because of our commitment to providing customers with the best wireless experience that we are always investing in technology that helps provide reliable coverage where and when it’s needed.

UScellular is delivering on the promises of 5G

UScellular continued our multi-year 5G deployment. The majority of our traffic is now carried by sites that have 5G deployed. Wherever our customers are—city streets, country roads or in their home—the signal is there wherever and whenever they want to use it. With investments in 5G, UScellular is enabling innovative solutions that enrich communities, support sustainability and more.

UScellular Business Solutions

 UScellular offers the connection and support to help businesses reach their goals. Our Emerging Solutions Business and Internet of Things (IoT) business solutions are backed by outstanding customer service and powered by a network that was built to keep customers connected where connectivity is needed most, even in rural areas.

For more information on how UScellular serves our customers, visit the UScellular website.



TDS Telecom is working with state legislators and regulators to obtain funding to deploy broadband in areas where it is otherwise not financially viable. TDS Telecom was a recipient of nearly $48 million in state grants from 2013-2022 to provide and support enhanced broadband services to over 25,200 service addresses in five states.


In 2022, TDS Telecom continued its transformation into a premier broadband provider, making significant progress in upgrading speeds and deploying fiber technology in both incumbent and expansion markets. TDS Telecom grew its footprint by 9% by delivering 133,000 marketable fiber service addresses and ended 2022 with 582,000 marketable fiber service addresses, nearly halfway to reaching its current target of 1.2 million by 2026.

A greener technology

Fiber-optic networks require less power to operate. In fact, Fiber uses up to 12 times less energy than copper because it transmits data using light technology. This significantly reduces carbon emissions. Fiber is also more weather resistant and requires less repairs than DSL, co-axial, and copper.