“At TDS, we believe that being a good corporate citizen is fundamental to our long-term success. Truly caring about our customers, our employees and associates, striving to enhance the lives of those in our communities and serving as stewards of the environment will drive the performance of our business to benefit our shareholders and debtholders over time.” - LeRoy T. Carlson Jr., President and CEO - TDS 

Our response to COVID-19

The entire TDS Enterprise is committed to protecting the foundation of our business, our “Three C’s:” Our Customers, Our Culture (Our people) and Our Communities. These three groups have been -- and always will be -- our first priority, and the challenges from COVID-19 have elevated our focus on our Three C’s even further.

We are fulfilling our promise to provide high-quality communication services to our customers, including underserved markets, while keeping their safety a top priority. Each of our businesses are regularly posting customer information on their designated COVID-19 response sites:

Our culture remains strong, rising up to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Our workforce has shown resiliency and an unwavering commitment to serving our customers and keeping our businesses operating to provide the essential services our customers depend on. The health and safety of our associates and employees comes before anything else. Each of our Businesses have implemented social distancing initiatives that minimize contact between our frontline workforce and customers and provide associates and employees who must be on premises for work with the proper personal protective equipment. The remaining members of our workforce have transitioned to working from home and continue to adopt well to this ‘new normal.’ Our businesses are also actively preparing thoughtful and flexible return to work strategies to help guide us once it has been deemed safe to return to the workplace.

We are keeping our communities connected with essential services. In addition, we are supporting local organizations who are providing essentials to those in need and especially affected by the pandemic.