Our Environment

Our Environment

TDS is dedicated to managing our environmental impact throughout all our operations. Our waste reduction and energy efficiency efforts help mitigate the environmental risks of our businesses. Our commitment to the environment requires that we comply with all federal, state, and local environment protection laws and that we are continuously examining the impact of our environmental footprint.



Asset Management

UScellular has a robust system for asset management and battery recycling. UScellular’s wireless devices are recovered through its store, direct fulfillment, and through a Trade-In program.

Devices recovered through Take Back:

  • Reused or Sold 95%
  • Recycled 5%
  • Land-filled 0%

U.S. Cellular phone trade-in and recycling program

Associates take Action

green energy

TDS employees care about the environment and started the company’s latest Associate Resource Group (ARG) founded on the idea of grassroots environmental action, both big and small, can bring real and lasting global change.

The Green ARG partnered with Focus on Energy to offer an online retail opportunity for Wisconsin employees. In total, 262 (13% of all eligible employees), purchased 4,234 LED light bulbs, or the equivalent impact of removing 64.2 cars off the road each year.

Energy Efficiency

Through a partnership with TDS and UScellular, Franklin Energy is focused on energy efficiency opportunities within the communications industry vertical. The sole purpose is to evaluate all components of operations and infrastructure to identify energy efficiency opportunities.

TDS Paving Road IllinoisFocusOnEnergy

Environmental Health and Safety

TDS and UScellular recognize the importance of providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment, free from recognized hazards, and conducting business in the safest manner possible. We take the matter of safety very seriously and expect each employee to actively promote safety and accident prevention daily, and integrate the tools and training provided into their job functions. Our goal is to reduce illness and injuries for our associates, to lower environmental risks and to increase our efficiency in the use of natural resources.

Stay Safe