Our Environment

Our Environment

TDS is dedicated to managing our environmental impact throughout all our operations. The goal of our waste reduction and energy efficiency efforts is to help mitigate the environmental risks of our businesses. Our commitment to the environment requires that we comply with all federal, state, and local environment protection laws and that we continuously examine the impact of our environmental footprint.

Waste Management

The enterprise recycling and waste management program helps divert and reduce waste from landfills. TDS recycles e-waste, including audio/ video equipment, network devices, imaging devices, bulk electronics, video display devices, computing devices, laptop computer, and wireless devices. TDS also uses a secure shredding program to safely recycle paper. UScellular has a robust system for asset management and battery recycling. UScellular’s wireless devices are recovered through its stores, direct fulfillment, and through a trade-in program.

In total, UScellular had over 396,000 device returns which helped divert over 178,000 pounds of harmful solid waste from the landfill. TDS Telecom had over 1,400 pieces of equipment recovered, diverting over 442,000 pounds of waste from the landfill.

Energy Efficiency

TDS is committed to thoughtful energy use. We seek to maximize energy efficiency where possible by identifying opportunities to improve efficiency by vetting partnerships with third party organizations and determining where the organization should concentrate its efforts to maximize impact. Here are a few examples:

Data Centers

UScellular has engaged the local electric utility’s Telecom Energy Efficiency Program to deliver significant savings in its Chicago data center. The project updates save nearly 8 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually.

Solar Panels

TDS works to identify opportunities. Pictured above is the OneNeck data center in Bend, OR.

EV Charging Stations

UScellular has been piloting an EV charging station in Brookfield, WI. There are six EV charging stations at UScellular’s corporate office in Chicago.

Lighting Upgrades

862 New LED lighting fixtures were installed/retrofitted at TDS Telecom’s Corporate office in Madison, WI.

TDS Telecom’s CCW Data Center in Madison, WI underwent an energy efficiency project to improve hot and cold aisle air flow containment, reducing energy used by cooling and heating systems.

Pictured above is the solar panel system that went live in December 2022 at UScellular’s Data & Customer Care Center in Knoxville, TN.

Cell Sites

UScellular tested raising the temperature by ten degrees at a Cell Site. After confirming it had no adverse impact to any of the equipment, UScellular then rolled this practice out footprint wide. This resulted in lowering carbon emissions, as well as cost savings.