Values and Behaviors


Our mission is realized every day through living our values and behaviors, or as we call it the TDS Way.

Superior Customer Experience. TDS passionately serves our customers. We recognize that without our customers TDS would not exist. Our focus on our customers and providing them with excellent experiences will allow the company to grow and achieve our long-term goals.

Commitment to Society and Community. We serve our customers well by delivering outstanding services and products that improve our communities and the broader society. As a responsible and sustainable employer, we fuel the economic engines of our communities. We provide leadership, resources, and support to improve the lives of citizens in the communities we serve. TDS gives back, and supports communities, both large and small, through volunteerism and donations.

Pursue Excellence. We pursue excellence in everything that we do to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers, people and communities. We emphasize innovation, creativity, efficiency and on-going development for our individuals, our teams and the company as a whole. We are never satisfied in our pursuit of excellence. We work hard and deliver quality with urgency. When faced with adversity, we persevere.

People Centered. People are at the core of our daily work and every individual matters to our success. As individuals, we collaborate in teams. We ensure all team members have the right blend of development, experiences and resources to excel at their work. We believe that “team comes before self.”

Integrity and Respect. Integrity and ethical conduct are at our core; central to every action and decision. We encourage the selection and development of diverse talent in our teams. We also emphasize diversity of thoughts and ideas. We are an inclusive organization that treats every person with a high level of respect. We invite others into our conversations and our lives. We value others and show compassion and empathy in all our relationships.


Champion Productive Relationships.

  • Learn about your partners and customers, the Business Units, - understand them and their needs
  • Connect emotionally – develop relationships that have an emotional element
  • Find common ground and acceptable alternatives that gain joint commitment
  • Communicate clearly and timely – promptly deliver messages in a clear, compelling and concise manner; and
  • Maximize value to customers, the Business Units, in all that you do – exceed expectations, “wow” your customers!

Be Passionately Determined.

  • Take personal responsibility for decisions, actions, successes and failures
  • Exhibit passion, drive, and a sense of urgency
  • Anticipate - be thoughtful and proactive in improving processes and services to be more valuable
  • Are agile, flexible and adaptable - take constructive action to navigate difficulties or obstacles
  • Persevere in the face of challenges and setbacks

Think, Decide & Deliver.

  • Know the business - understand current thinking and future trends in the economy, industry and company
  • Consistently apply a business driver focus when analyzing situations and prioritizing actions to produce results
  • Make thoughtful, high-quality decisions despite ambiguity, and be willing to take considered risks
  • Transform processes to make them more efficient and cost-effective
  • Show energy, conviction, and urgency to “make it happen” and to “move things forward”

Relentlessly Evolve.

  • Are curious - be passionate about learning from new experiences, individual study and group projects
  • Stretch yourself - become comfortable with the uncomfortable, volunteer for new experiences and assignments
  • Embrace the new – experiment, do things in ways that could be better and have never been done before

Learn about your field, related fields, our industries and societal trends to develop your connective thinking; and

  • Seek out opportunities, and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.